Indiana isn’t generally known for its shorelines and waterways. Truth be told, there are many individuals who expect the majority of the lakes in Indiana are man-made. While there are certainly some man-made lakes in Indiana (and they are excellent!), we are home to a great deal of normal lakes as well. Here are five excellent lakes you should make arrangements to find face to face.

1) Tippecanoe Lake

Tippecanoe Lake

This vast lake is found in the northern segment of Indiana in Kosciusko Area.

2) Lake Freeman

Lake Freeman - Monticello, Indiana

Actually, this is a store, yet you can discover it in Monticello, Indiana. It sits appropriate beside its sister lake, Lake Shafer.

3) Lake Shafer

Lake Shafer - Monticello, IN

I recognize what you are considering, this looks a great deal like Lake Freemen. They are known as the twin pools of Monticello which is as it should be.

4) Griffy Lake

Griffy Lake - Bloomington, IN

You can locate this wonderful waterway in Bloomington, Indiana.

5) Lake Manitou

Lake Manitou - Rochester, IN

This is one of the numerous man-made lakes in Indiana. You can discover it in Rochester, Indiana. It was made by a Potowatomi Local American clan in the year 1767. Clearly, this isn’t a total rundown of the considerable number of lakes in Indiana. But there is no denying the reality, in any case, that every one of the nine of these lakes are genuinely a wonder to behold. Have you at any point been to any of these lakes? Making arrangements to go to any of them later on? We need to know! Let us know in the comments below!

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